Katrina McMullan


Now it was just him and I.

The congratulations and baby blue wrapping paper had all been swept away.

I was just him and I.


Tiredness, restlessness, loneliness.

The humm of daytime television – the soundtrack to our days.

The snap of the letter box awakening me briefly ...

It was just him and I.


I was afraid of him.

I was afraid for him.

Worried that I would fail him.

Worried that he would be like me,

Now that it was just him and I.


Self conscious.

Sensitive to the well-meaning smiles.

No one to listen. No one for company.

Paralysed in the fog that came over me like a wave.

Drowning, it was just him and I.




Ruairi Fallon Mc Guigan’s (1993 Belfast) paintings, prints and objects combine memories, architectural desires, the domestic and his cultural background. Fictional spaces are constructed and distorted in order to convey insight into his political and domestic existence.

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