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Inspire's 'The Craving Mind': A Compassionate Conversation with Dr David Cameron & Lead Mindfulness Practitioner Frank Liddy

The Inspire Mindfulness Institute is part of Inspire. With a vision of wellbeing for all, we work with people, families and communities across Ireland, incorporating a whole society approach into: public mental health anti-stigma campaigns, wellbeing information provision, support in education and workplaces, advocacy and crisis support, independent living support, counselling and other psychological therapies.

Part of Inspire’s social enterprise, the Mindfulness Institute provides a wide range of innovative mindfulness-based and compassion-focused services, grounded in practice that build resilience, provide support and improve performance in individuals, workplaces and throughout communities.

The Mindfulness Institute was developed by Inspire Clinical Lead P Dr David Cameron Inspire Clinical Lead Psychologist and renowned Mindfulness Practitioner Frank Liddy to promote and support wellbeing by focusing on Inspire’s core value of compassionate care.

The team works closely with universities and leading experts, including a unique knowledge exchange partnership with Stanford University’s Centre for Compassion and Altruism Research, led by Dr James Doty - noted Clinical Professor of Neurosurgery and author of New York Times bestseller, ‘Into the Magic Shop’.

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