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sabi nicholson


avoidance - Sabi Nicholson.jpg

Inspired by the hazy, dreamlike forms found in antique tintype photographs, this piece attempts, in a time of outer chaos, to connect to a vision of a half-forgotten inner world. Layers of digital manipulation liberate the photograph from any sense of time, creating a serene yet eerie cocoon. 

Special 'Loneliness' Episode for Substrata - Dublin Digital Radio


Sabi has created a show on the theme of loneliness for Dublin Digital Radio on her show 'Substrata'.

Tune in at 19:00 on Monday 10 May to listen live, or check out the Soundcloud link above. 

substrata - 10/05/21 [ ep 10: loneliness (for NIMHAF) ]
r beny - the romantic image of ruins
still harbours - atmos
lovesliescrushing - ghost blush rainbows
emra grid - my room on the floor
grouper - she loves me that way
aidan baker - the sea swells a bit
rosalind hall - event horizon


Sabi is a multidisciplinary artist whose work explores the surreal, the sacred and the unsightly. She was born in Belfast and is now based in The Hague, Netherlands, where she studies at the KABK.

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