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Rodger montgomery

& Eleanor Steane

Music-led Yoga Practice

As we slowly begin to ease back into life after a long year, through which we have all felt the loneliness that separation from loved ones can bring, reconnecting with our family and friends is most welcomed. However, we also have the space to improve and deepen the connection with ourselves. Eleanor Steane & The Sometime co-creators of music-led yoga practices come together once more for an hour of opening up and rediscovering our true nature through moving meditations to harness our true inner strength.

This practice is for everyone, regardless of experience.



Eleanor Steane lived in Australia during her twenties where her exploration, and newfound love of yoga, came into being with a beautiful little yoga book by Jessie Chapman.

"After some much needed guidance from amazingly-gifted teachers, my journey commenced and since 2004 I’ve studied with many schools of yoga including the YTTC, Birthlight, Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, Yogabuddies and the Active Birth Centre. Now a mum of two, I have a deep passion for empowering and educating women and couples who are preparing for the birthing process and parenthood."

Rodger Montgomery is a stalwart of the Belfast music scene with 'Belfast Music Club' and various nights throughout NI. He has been described as 'the most important man in menswear right now'. 

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