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for the birds

Instructions for folding your origami bird

If you're watching this video, you've probably picked up an origami bird somewhere and bravely scanned a QR code, and now here you are. Welcome to the website of the NI Mental Health Arts Festival. Write down your 'Thoughts for the birds' on your paper, then follow the video instructions to tuck them away inside your very own origami bird. If you're feeling generous, you might even place it somewhere nice and take a photo, posting it on a social media channel of your choice with the hashtag #NIMHAF2021. You'll be helping spread the word about loneliness, mental health, as well as the festival itself. We'd really appreciate it. Thank you. 

NIMHAF 2021 Publication

NIMHAF 2021 Publication

As a response to the call for a Loneliness Strategy in Northern Ireland, this year’s festival includes a specially commissioned publication on the theme of 'Loneliness' which links to the artworks, soundscapes and dance pieces on the NIMHAF website.

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