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Festival Party DJs

Dancefloors may have spent a year in silence, but the studios of the beatsmiths of Belfast and beyond have been noisy scenes of craft and creativity. Some of the fruits of this socially-distant service can be heard on MINDS debut VA compilation. 

Join us at 20:00, Sunday 16 May to send off the festival with the Minds crew.


MINDS is a resource that aims to bring mental health issues and awareness to the front and centre of electronic music discourse in Belfast and its environs, encouraging players and punters alike to feel unafraid to be open about what’s going on inside. To that end, with physical parties a no go, we have invited the great and the good of the scene to contribute music to what is our first compilation, for people to enjoy whilst helping fund mental health support networks and charities. It serves as a reminder of the explosive talent around us, the culture that binds us, and, that always, this too shall pass.
One day we will meet again. One day we will dance again. One day we will talk again.
Music is body. Music is soul. Music is MINDS.

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