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Maiden Voyage Dance

Outside My Window, Inside My House

A short film that is a creative and expressive response to lockdown from our community participants connected to the BELFAST MOVEMENT CHOIR. These sessions were facilitated by dance artist Anna Treanor; in this work she wished to investigate and explore new perspectives on looking out from inside the safety of our homes; looking out on the world through our windows. Working with ideas of isolation, loneliness, connectivity and relationship.


Maiden Voyage is a contemporary dance commissioning, producing and touring company, offering discoveries in dance with by and for artists, audiences and participants.


BELFAST MOVEMENT CHOIR is bringing different communities together to share positive social, educational and health benefits for participants and audiences; engaging in community dance, entering a dialogue, discovering “arts with a social purpose”. This approach has been chosen so we can learn and develop a greater understanding of self, the group and its place within the wider community. It is an all-female intergenerational project.


Movement Director: Anna Treanor

Composer: Katie Richardson

Film Editor: Ryan O'Neill


The Belfast Movement Choir project is generously funded by Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

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