Frank Phelan

Loneliness is a Queue

Amongst a trail of slumped shoulders

I stand for the first time in years.

Stigma stifles the tiny building,

sagging with neglect;

the intimacies of private struggles

boom from hatch to tiny hatch.


We are many,

huddled in this room closing in.

Leaflets Blue-tacked

flash warnings and accusations;

invite the voice behind the glass

to join the torment in your head.


Next! catches the weight in your chest.

A weary carcass shuffles

to a vacant hatch,

an acre of loneliness

in every step.




Ruairi Fallon Mc Guigan’s (1993 Belfast) paintings, prints and objects combine memories, architectural desires, the domestic and his cultural background. Fictional spaces are constructed and distorted in order to convey insight into his political and domestic existence.

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