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Kris Sahlholdt

Just A Speck

I spoke to a speck of dust the other day

Just a casually at first

about weather-stuff and what we had for dinner

The speck looked just like a speck on the neck of a family member

Cursed to bits, that speck,

but still my favorite attribute of that person

Greyish and irregular

A blob really

I think they got it removed.

We kept talking the speck and I

Of big and small, far and wide

All of it

I went to bed, my belly full of friendship’s content.

Today the speck was gone.

I spoke to another speck of dust

It didn’t speak back.

krustuna 5 (1 .jpg



"I'm a Danish artist and storyteller living in Scotland. The theme of loneliness is one which resonates with me a lot as a person coming from the outside, trying to fit into a new culture. I find comfort in the idea that seemingly dead things have spirits in them, which might creep out to talk on the days where we feel most isolated."

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