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Jim Lavery 'Make Comics'

Comic book Artist, Jim Lavery, has created this image that you can print out and add your own artistic flair to! Show us your results!

Comics date back to the 19th Century, however over the past 40-50 years comics have been increasingly used to capture and communicate human experience and challenges. Comic stories can be as real or imaginative as you wish. They can be used to express personal difficulties/events, or they can be used to escape to another world of your own creation. This resource is a brief and simple start-up guide to get you set up to creating your own comic, which you can do from the comfort of your own home!


Jim Lavery is a graduate of the University of Ulster, Belfast. He has worked for over 20 years as a Graphic Designer/Illustrator producing material for Print, TV and the Web. Lavery has experience in Logo design, corporate identity, book design, magazine production, storyboards, advertising, book illustration.

 In recent years Lavery has worked on a number of health related comic books dealing with Diabetes, Fatherhood and Mental Health. He often visits schools to teach comic book making.

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