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Gemma Hutton:

Facebook Live Q&A 


In this live chat, Hutton will talk about how they use comedy as a way of therapeutic expression.

 “Writing about heavy content whether topical or self disclosing is always a difficult thing to do as both writer and audience. Humour can be used as a way of ensuring you leave your audience with a safety net to make hard content palatable and therefore safe to connect with and explore. I'm going to discuss my process and how learning therapeutic techniques has allowed me to be a more informed comedy writer. Learning the importance of self care as a writer who discusses both personal and difficult content matter.”

Gemma Hutton is an established Queer performer in Northern Ireland. A multi-award winning comedian, she is co-creator of Queertopia under the guise of Dick Von Dyke Hutton can be found performing regularly at Cabaret supper club. She is also currently working on her next solo show 'Heteronormative '.

 She is also a passionate activist and member of the LGBTQ+ community in Belfast, with a history of not only performing but volunteering as a counsellor for Gender Essence and Vice Chair of The 343.

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