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Emily Kane ‘Natural Dying Workshop’

Emily Kane Bio Pic.jpg

A tutorial on natural fabric/yarn dying with Textile Artist Emily Kane.


  Natural fabric dying is totally vegan, and can be used with waste plant products so there is less waste in the overall process. Emily will be talking through what fabrics work best for this type of dying, the process itself and the aftercare.


“This process is easy, you can do it outside on a nice summer’s day and you don’t need a massive budget to take on a natural dying project at home. As I am going through the steps I can talk through how to make this safe for children to get involved. The first step of making the dye involves using a knife and a stove, so this part can be left for adults, the actual dying process can involve all ages! The materials I will be using will be natural fibre fabrics, and for making the dyes: turmeric, beetroot, cabbage and charcoal.”-Emily Kane


“Research has shown that creating influences the sense of self, improving your self esteem and your sense of identity. Taking part in crafts with your friends and family can help bring about a greater sense of community. Personally, being involved with labour intensive textile work has always felt calming to me. There’s something beautiful about watching a process develop and being involved in every step. Textiles are and have always been, at the core of a society’s identity, which is unfortunately being tuned out by big businesses and fast fashion. However, by viewing some simple processes it is clear to see that making things yourself comes naturally to us. As adults we are so critical of ourselves that it is sometimes hard to try something new without first being confident in our skills. Through using unpredictable materials, I hope there will be a lesson in the successes of failure in creative practices. Experimentation creates failure, and failure creates a better understanding of your creative process.” -Emily Kane


Emily Kane is an artist from Belfast specialising in textiles. After graduating from Manchester School of Art last summer, Emily is now a studio member at Take Up Space. Her work largely focuses on spreading awareness about mental health issues and exploring ways that art can bring people together.

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