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Emer Maguire

NIMHAF Special

Emer Maguire has many guises, one of which is a musical comedian - making people laugh through music. Emer points out that studies have shown that listening to your favourite music can increase the blood flow to the reward centres of your brain and away from the fear centres, decreasing anxiety - and who are we to argue? Emer is completing a research masters on laughter, so she should know. More facts and tunes in this video special. 



Emer is an international award winning science communicator, and a double Irish Radio award-winning BBC presenter. She is a four time TEDx speaker, a conference and event MC, presenter of the podcast ‘Elementary My Dear’ and a musical comedian with a sold out Edinburgh Fringe run under her belt. Emer is also a qualified and practicing Speech and Language Therapist. In other words, she loves communicating in any way she can. With years of experience in a multitude of mediums, Emer is a communications expert. She has developed and delivered communication workshops for universities, private organisations and companies, and the public. 

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