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Ellen and Edie present: Online Burlesque Extravaganza! 

“Times recently have become very challenging both physically and mentally for performers. We have decided to focus on producing a special show for NI Mental Health Arts Festival  to provide some much needed light relief and to make an online space for Performers to create new work exploring the theme of ‘Identity’. Mental Health Awareness is crucial right now. Using the medium of Burlesque we want to create a show that not only works as a focus for the performers but also allows the audience to escape and enjoy.” -Ellen & Edie

 Ellen Degenerate and Greedy Mx Edie are two queer performers based in Belfast who branched into producing shows after making their Burlesque debuts at the end of 2018. Both performers are passionate about spreading their passion for the art form and have been producing shows ever since. 

This content may be deemed unsuitable for young viewers. Viewers' discretion advised.

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