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Dr Robin Price: 'The Bay'

Dr Robin Proce 'The Bay' holding image.j

In this specially commissioned ‘brutalist web page filled with animated gifs’, Dr Robin Price speaks to how he manages his Mental Health.

“The work speaks to how I manage my own mental health, through exercise, humour and a richly imagined inner life, that since social distancing alone with my cat has taken on a more febrile nature. These weeks in lockdown like most people I’ve moved much of my life online, maintaining friendships and communities through social media. After a certain point, in frustration with posting about my Groundhog Day like experience I decided to reconnect with my inner child and imagine a different life, like Mr Ben but without the fancy dress. We live increasingly in a post truth world and if I want to imagine for an hour a day that I am a middle aged pro skater then there is currently no one placed to challenge me in that. Except for my cat James and he honestly doesn’t care.  The Bay is a playful conflation of Instagram bullshittery, skateboarding paradise San Francisco’s Bay Area and North Belfast’s Tiger’s Bay where I live.” Dr Robin Price


 Robin Price is an artist-inventor, trans-disciplinary physicist, musician and cat enthusiast. He holds an MPhys in Theoretical Physics from the University of Wales, Swansea and a PhD in Composition and Creative Practice from Queen’s University, Belfast. Recent solo exhibitions include Escape Sequence at CCA, Derry~Londonderry, Lambent Ambient, R-Space, Lisburn and Air of the Anthropocene at University of Atypical, Belfast. His work is held in the Arts Council of Northern Ireland’s public collection and has been covered in Source Magazine, New Scientist and the Guardian.


"I use electronics, algorithms, code, glitches and hacked objects to push at the boundaries of what is technologically and ecologically possible, permissible and ethical. My approach is playful, experimental and publicly engaged."

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