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Conversation / Lozenges

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Conversation / Lozenges is a collaborative artwork created by Autumns’ Christian Donaghey and visual artist Damo Laughlin.


The work consists of two digital paintings, two pieces of music, and two pieces of “found poetry: all based on the theme of Loneliness and linked by their shared titles: “Conversation” and “Lozenges”.


The titles refer to a type of Victorian confectionery known as Conversation Lozenges (or Conversation Hearts) which featured a short written message, usually meant for a friend or a lover.


The artists used this idea as a jumping off point and created two pieces of poetry composed of messages borrowed from vintage lozenges (based on images found online) juxtaposed with lines lifted from modern day Love Heart sweets. The messages are short, cryptic and sometimes melodramatic, but they articulate a sense of longing and a need for attachment, which feels pertinent and recognisable in this strange year.


Some lines from the poems have been included within the two musical pieces by Autumns, which can be heard being manipulated by the use of Dub techniques throughout both pieces to create tension and atmosphere.


The music and poems are complemented by Damo Laughlin’s digital artworks, which depict two isolated figures, ambiguously pensive and rendered in an expressionist style. The figures are together in being alone - a slightly ironic situation that many of us have found ourselves in during the Coronavirus pandemic.


Damo Laughlin was born and studied art in Derry, Northern Ireland. He's now based in Belfast, creating digital and physical artworks that embrace spontaneity, ambiguity and sometimes the sinister.    

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