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Richard Bailie & Charly Sproule ‘Contingency!’

Contingency! is an online magazine show for artists, creatives and anyone else still holding out hope for creative fulfilment. Streaming live on Twitch, the show presents sketches, interviews and well-meaning advice themed around navigating the pitfalls of an artistic identity: 

 - How to stay motivated despite confined workspace, dwindling opportunities and an overwhelming sense of total futility.

 - How to keep connected through art, while still maintaining an essential artist-audience hierarchy.

  - How to tastefully foreground your personal brand while appearing thoughtfully empathetic.

  - How to keep the content cool and breezy despite rising tensions and temperatures, inside and out.

 All this and more, more or less.


Richard Bailie is a musician, who hitched his wagon to the most promising local acts of 2017 and 2018. Previous CVs have used the words ‘composer’ and ‘sound artist’. Basically, he teaches guitar to children.

Charly Sproule is a freelance photographer and videographer, with recent work including sketches with Rosa Tralee and music videos for Joel Harkin and Hand Models.

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