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'The Yellow Wallpaper': A Conversation on Perinatal Depression with Cheryl Gault

‘My story is not your story; your story is not mine. Both are equal in emotion; both are very real’. 

 In this podcast Gault will be talking about her experience with Perinatal Depression, from the trauma of child birth to the lack of support services available. How everyone’s experience of mental health, in particular Mothers/Pregnant people, will vary and that by sharing our experiences in a supportive non-judgemental way we are able to empower each other.

Cheryl Gault is a writer from Belfast and one half of Mathair.

Mathair is a space for women and pregnant people to discuss topics and share stories about Motherhood, its presence and absence. Gault’s  inspiration comes from many different sources, in particular her mental health.

”By writing stories about the darkness it brings, I intend to use this medium to stare it right between the eyes and let the light in.” - Cheryl Gault

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The Yellow room
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