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I Take a Journey:

A Short Film by Brainwaves

A haunting and emotional video which inspires hope through the transformative and cathartic power of art. Facilitated and choreographed by dancer Helen Hall, this short but evocative film explores the personal journeys the participants have taken in the past, in memory and experience and which they have embarked upon since acquiring their brain injuries.


In their own words and through movement, expression and dance the participants want to express the sense of freedom and liberty that engaging with the arts brings, along with the empowerment to overcome the challenges that life with an acquired brain injury brings.


Brain Injury Matters (NI) was established in 2014 as an independent regional third sector organisation supporting, promoting and empowering those individuals and families affected by acquired brain injury.  

Over the last 5 years BIM (NI) has developed a reputation for developing and delivering a range of innovative programmes and initiatives.


Arts Council NI and Brain Injury Matters funded I Take a Journey dance project and film.

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