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Jessica williams

At Night

I weave a blanket of salt stars

In the palms of my hands

Press crystal edges tight

to keep the oxygen in

Back bent arched

Spine poking through starved

Straightened like a whip

Drowning in the starlight I

Sip from my palms.

I know you are there beyond

But I’ve grown gills,

Medicine for aches long-healed

Fresh bruises bloom under

Memories I wash in, and

Seep beneath my skin.

Permeable I move between

Solid and starlight

No longer drinking but full I slosh

Between, between

Turgid and boundless and

Sea-sick from myself.




I am a writer originally from the North East of England, now living in Belfast. Nature influences a lot of my work, as I grew up on the coast.

I mostly focus on rhythm rather than rhyming, and want the reader to be aware of the breath in the writing.

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