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John Patrick Higgins & Triona Doyle: 'All Within'

Illustration for 'All Within.jpg

In this specially commissioned piece for NIMHAF, we have paired up writer John Patrick Higgins and Artist Triona Doyle to create a piece on ‘grief in the time of social distancing’.

Higgins has written for Culture Northern Ireland, The Belfast Telegraph, The Vacuum, The Holborn and The Thin Air, among others. He was Creative Director of his own theatre company, Shot Glass Theatre, writing and producing ten shows in three years for Shot Glass.

He took two shows to the Edinburgh Fringe. One of these, Every Day I Wake up Hopeful, was picked up by Prime Cut Productions, and for a lengthy run at the Mac in Belfast as part of their Edgefest season. They later revived it for an all-Ireland tour, which sold out and garnered four star reviews in The Guardian and The Times.

In 2018 he was Artist in Residence at the Mac. He is currently writing a book of short stories about music, a novel called Alone Again, Naturally and a screenplay which is languishing in development heaven. He currently has several plays in various stages of not being written. He writes for TBC and Zoomlanders and is one half of occasional podcast Stalemates.

Triona Doyle is a Belfast based mixed media artist. Her recent work uses a combination of paint, pastel, pencil, ink and thread to create detailed, ghostly, figurative drawings. Inspired by a history of illustrative storytelling, these dreamlike figures are often interpretations of myth and folklore tales wrapped in macabre themes from various parts of the world.

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