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Wellsprings at The Mill

Teresa Kane

20 May, 11:00 am - 2:30 pm

The Mill, Ballinamallard

Wellsprings at The Mill

WellSprings at the Mill, Ballinamallard welcomes you to a one-day workshop.

One of the many lessons which we have learnt from Covid and its lockdowns is the role which creativity plays in nurturing our mental health and wellbeing.

This workshop aims to explore the sources, our own deep wells from which we draw strength, courage, resilience, solace, sustenance, and joy.

Throughout the day, there will be time to connect with nature: walk by the river, stroll through a forest brimming with bluebells, a path lined with ancient hawthorn trees or sit by an open fire. We will use nature, our collective stories and wisdom, poetry and language to tap into our own creativity and to reflect upon and explore the WellSpring of our own lives.

Responses to this day will contribute to an outdoor exhibition which will take place later in the year. Responses may take various forms: visual, oral or written.

'It is about knowing and owning the stories, myths and voices of the past, giving voice to the stories of the present and dreaming a future into existence.'

Lunch will be provided. Early booking is advised as there are a limited number of places for this workshop.


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