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EG Dunne

13 - 21 May

2 Royal Avenue


Audio-visual installation exploring the mythology of the artist.

EG Dunne's audio-visual piece explores the intersection between trans experience, mental health issues, and mythology:

'As a trans and non-binary person, I have found mythology to be a powerful conceptual framework for expressing my mental health experiences and coping with episodes that go beyond rational thought. By utilizing non-traditional narrative structures, my piece seeks to convey these deeply personal experiences to others in a way that avoids clinical language and speaks to the audience on a more intuitive level.

Through this audio-visual exploration, I aim to create a space for contemplation and reflection on the complex and often misunderstood experiences of trans individuals with mental health issues. Drawing on the rich symbolism of mythology, I hope to offer a unique perspective on these themes and contribute to a broader dialogue around mental health and marginalized identities.'


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