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The Luke McGiveth and the Luke McTaketh Away

Luke McGibbon

21 May, 5:00 pm

2 Royal Avenue

The Luke McGiveth and the Luke McTaketh Away

Comedy Performance by psychotherapist Luke McGibbon

The Luke McGiveth and the Luke McTaketh Away' is a collection of jokes loosely connected to the theme of psychological defence mechanisms and their connection to Irish mythology. The set is linked to Luke's time working as a therapist and suicide hotline operator, to green and orange jokes in Northern Irish culture and comedy and what that represents.

Luke McGibbon has been a practicing psychotherapist for 9 years, and a comedian for 11. He has delighted audiences all over the island of Ireland with his whimsy.

'Great set' - Jason Byrne (he'd arrived an hour late and missed the set)

'Are you Luke? How long do you want me to do? That's fine.' - Rich Hall

'Conjured up little sympathy for his broken leg' - Gigging NI

'Charmingly naff… It is witty stuff and, at times, darkly knowing… Indeed, one of McGibbon's main strengths is his drily articulate asides' - Culture NI

* Not suitable for young children.

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