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The Longest Story Ever Told

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14 May, 12:00 to 2:00 pm

2 Royal Avenue

The Longest Story Ever Told

Children's workshop (8 - 11) by Fighting Words that explores storytelling.

Children will explore the ingredients of favourite stories, vote on story elements, then put together a 'Chapter 1' line by line to a culminate in a cliffhanger. Then in the second hour, they will write their own 'Chapter 2' with the help of our volunteer mentors. Parents are welcome to write their own chapter 2 as well!

In the last half hour, children will read their stories back to the whole group and receive encouraging feedback from the mentors. Finally the illustrator will reveal an illustration created for their chapter 1 which we will publish on the Fighting Words website, and all children will receive their own book to bring home.

Workshop for up to 30 children.

Fighting Words NI sessions are inclusive of all abilities and special educational needs. The supportive and inspiring workshops give children a chance to discover pure delight in creative ideas, especially as part of a group where they all energise each other. The workshops are also fun for parents and volunteers, and raise happiness levels for everyone involved. Festivals like NIMHAF are so important as they highlight the direct link between creativity and wellbeing, and children do not have enough opportunity to freely explore their creativity and their amazing imaginations.

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