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The Enormous Turnip. Family Workshop.

Armagh Rhymers

13 May, 11:00 am

Crescent Arts Centre

The Enormous Turnip. Family Workshop.

A workshop and exhibition tour for children with the Armagh Rhymers.

Bringing the theme of 'Myths' to life, The Armagh Rhymers present 'The Enormous Turnip' - a funny and engaging tale of the Old Soldier who returns from war and seeks help from his miserly brother. Through song, dance, mime and music, children of all ages will learn valuable lessons in empathy, generosity and the importance of helping your neighbour.

The Armagh Rhymers will introduce stage craft techniques, traditional costume and masks, song, dance and Irish and Ulster Scots vocabulary.

1-hour workshop and exhibition tour.
Interactive and suitable for ages 4 and up.

£14 (for one child and one adult)

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