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Sun Slips Through

Cathal Cully & Chad Alexander

13 - 21 May

2 Royal Avenue

Sun Slips Through

A collaborative audio-visual installation from Cathal Cully and Chad Alexander.

Our value to society is wrapped around the myth that we are defined by what we do (our work, employment and productivity) resulting in ever-increasing levels of insecurities and crippling anxieties. This is overall detrimental to our feelings of self-worth. Often, it seems that we have forgotten how to stop, breathe, look out a window and simply be.

With this notion in mind, and directly inspired by the poem 'Hotel' by Guillaume Apollinaire, 'Sun Slips Through' is a collaborative piece between Cathal Cully and Chad Alexander that marries music with light and shade to create a space as a form of escapism in which to reflect, relax and a brief respite from the perpetual grind of everyday life.

Cathal Cully is a self-taught musician based in Belfast who concentrates on the minimal, downtempo and the wordless. He explores ideas in closed imaginary spaces juxtaposed with open emotional landscapes with emphasis on light and shade.

Chad Alexander is a photographic artist from Belfast. His practice is characterised by his home and revolves around themes of conflict, built environments and the everyday.


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