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Story Making Session: Folklore Edition

Pencil Portal

13 May, 12:00 - 2:00 pm

2 Royal Avenue

Story Making Session: Folklore Edition

A special folktale making session with Pencil Portal.

What is your favourite folktale, myth or urban legend?

What makes a folktale a folktale?

Where do folktales come from?

We will write a new folk tale involving emotional turmoil for the main character that the children must use their creative thinking and problem solving attitude to resolve.

We will be using the wheel of emotions to bring emotions into the story and help build children's and parents' emotional literacy.

Workshop for up to 30 children.

Fighting Words NI sessions are inclusive of all abilities and special educational needs. The supportive and inspiring workshops give children a chance to discover pure delight in creative ideas, especially as part of a group where they all energise each other. The workshops are also fun for parents and volunteers, and raise happiness levels for everyone involved.


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