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Playskool Disko

Dickie Bubbles

21 May, 1:00 - 3:00 pm

2 Royal Avenue

Playskool Disko

Audiovisual rave for current and former kids.

Playskool Disko is a VJ set, mixing and remixing the openings to children's television shows. While theme tunes and introductory sequences serve as high-energy world-building, the shows themselves don't always live up to their intros. Here we celebrate the myths of the worlds evoked, without having to stick around and face their realities.

Richard Bailie is a percussionist and educator, specialising in early years music tuition. Previous collaborative works have been shown as part of NIMHAF, Outburst, Imagine, Eastside Arts and Radiophrenia Festivals.

For all ages.

Pay what you can

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