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Myths & Melt

Stephen Millar and Méabh Meir

14 May, 11:00 am - 2:30 pm

Ulster Museum

Myths & Melt

A workshop with Stephen Millar and Méabh Meir from Array Studios.

Stephen Millar and Méabh Meir discuss the connections between trauma, art therapy, storytelling, social activism and mental health in the context of their work with Array Collective in the north of Ireland. Array Collective, who won the 2021 Turner Prize with their installation 'The Druithaib's Ball', have been commended for their work to 'inspire social change through art' and 'working collaboratively with local communities'.

Stephen and Méabh will explore the installation with participants and discuss the myths and inspirations behind the dozens of pieces inside. They will also explore the benefits of collaborative working, considering ideas about how to empower individuals, communities, and organisations to engage in social activism that creates positive change.

After the tour and talk Stephen and Méabh will lead a creative workshop which will encourage participants to use both their hands and their voices.


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