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Myths, Landscape & Soundscape


14 May, 12:30 - 2:00 pm

Sonic Lab SARC

Myths, Landscape & Soundscape

A Collaborative Sound Bath Experience at Sonic Lab in SARC.

Tessa Ann from The Sound Healing Spa and Pedro Rebelo from Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC) deliver a collaborative Sound Bath Experience at the Sonic Lab in SARC.

This unique immersive audio experience at connects us to our natural environment through Irish mythology, landscape and soundscape. As part of this sound bath we will play immersive field recordings from locations around Ulster including rivers, forests and coastal soundscapes. The power of sound to connect us to body and place plays a role in our well being and situates our listening. This sound bath experience combines these field recordings with instrumental sound associated with healing such as gongs and bells. The experience will be followed by a discussion around sound and well being, listening and environment. How does listening collectively promote a sense of a 'shared dream'?

What to bring:

Mat, pillow & blanket.
Wear comfortable clothing.


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