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Kids Cook-Along - Food Myths

Sal Hanvey

15 May, 4:30 pm

2 Royal Avenue

Kids Cook-Along - Food Myths

Kid's Cook-Along with nutrition consultant Sal Hanvey proving healthy food really can be tasty.

In this one hour cook-along learn how to make:

• Popcorn with natural sweetener in the popcorn maker
• Peanut butter and sliced apple
• Maple syrup infused fruit cocktail on skewers
• Healthy hot chocolate

Sal Hanvey is an award-winning Nutrition Consultant with a journalistic background. She has a real passion for finding ingredient substitutes and alternatives for those people with food intolerances, or allergies, without compromising on nutritional value or taste. She has a keen interest in the area of hormones also. She offers, interactive and very much nutrition led cook-a-long classes. Sal's practice is called Natural Health NI where she offers acupuncture. She delivers webinars and training on well-being and nutrition. Sal is a regular nutrition commentator on U105FM and BBC discussing all things nutritionally current and topical.

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