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Introduction to Poetry Therapy

Shelley Tracey

13 May, 10:30 - 12:30 pm

Crescent Arts Centre

Introduction to Poetry Therapy

Poetry Workshop Designed to Inspire by Shelley Tracey.

Poetry therapy involves responding to inspiring quotations, poems, stories and other art forms. It can support self-awareness, self-expression, well-being and connection with one's emotions and creativity. In common with other expressive arts therapies such as art therapy, music therapy and drama therapy, poetry therapy is used in a range of individual and group mental health settings.

Shelley Tracey, a qualified Poetry Therapy Practitioner and member of the Irish Poetry Therapy Network, will share information about poetry therapy, training in this field, and what the IPTN offers. We will explore how poetry therapy works in practice by responding to some typical prompts. While this event will refer to the therapeutic aspects of poetry therapy, it is not a therapy session. It will focus on self-expression and creativity, and will be relaxed and inclusive. All are welcome.

£30 | £28

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