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I Think I Have a Bit of That: Myths Surrounding Neurodivergent Minds

The Silly Billy Collective

19 May, 6:00 - 9:00 pm

University of Atypical

I Think I Have a Bit of That: Myths Surrounding Neurodivergent Minds

A collaboration of work centred around the neurodivergent brain.

The Silly Billy Collective are showing a collaboration of work around the theme of myths/or misunderstanding the neurodivergent brain.

The Artists have been working together on this stimulus and making work to reflect how people view neurodivergent minds, often that these conditions are quite new or all of a sudden lots of people have them, and common misconceptions people may have about them eg People with OCD just like to have a clean house or Dyslexia is just trouble spelling big words. Our neurodivergence affects all parts of our lives but it does not define who we are. I believe Labels are very important and a diagnosis of your neurodivergence can empower you to use your brain to its full ability and that is what I hope our audience leaves with an understanding of.

Often when a person goes undiagnosed and is trying to force their mind to fit a neurotypical framework this can lead to mental health problems, burn out and anxiety, this is why The Silly Billy Collective are delighted to be part of the NI Mental Health Arts Festival as we fully embrace the importance that art playing in our members mental health and that is at the heart of the companies ethos.


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