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Fix Me

Jonah Gallagher

13 - 21 May

2 Royal Avenue

Fix Me

An interactive exhibition that invites the public to take part.

Jonah Gallagher's exhibition is all about challenging the idea of perfection:

'We all lead busy, competitive lives and often forget to stop and appreciate how we've got to the present moment, despite flaws and setbacks.

I'm asking the public to take part in this interactive exhibition. I ask why they themselves must be 'perfect' and take a moment to reflect on this, before asking to help create a giant perfect mythical being on canvas by painting, splashing and writing.

I'm hoping to donate the finished piece to one of the mental health inpatient wards in Belfast.'

Jonah is a freelance Illustrator from Belfast, Northern Ireland:

'My work is a mixture of mixed media and digital and I take inspiration from the likes of Ralph Steadman and Sir Quentin Blake in terms of figure and movement. Imperfection is a running theme in my work as I believe striving for perfection makes art less accessible. Looking at the bigger picture I believe striving for perfection causes us misery so I try and avoid that!

I hope 'fix me' helps you to step outside whatever struggle you're facing today. I invite you to make my character “perfect” using unorthodox painting and drawing tools, through quotes, scribbles or however you're comfortable.'


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