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Strand Arts Centre

Trolls: Emotions Workshop for Children

Strand Arts Centre

The Strand Arts Centre

12.30pm – Trolls (film), free entry

2:00pm – Emotions themed workshop, £4 per child (see link for tickets below)

Princess Poppy – the head of the Troll village – is permanently happy, as are the other Trolls, all except Branch. However, when the troll-eating monsters known as the Bergens kidnap their friends, Princess Poppy and Branch set out on a dangerous mission to save them. We find out that Branch has a lot of strengths – he’s clever, honest, hardworking and creative. When the two opposites work together they become even stronger. The main morals of the story are to be kind to each other, that happiness comes in many forms and to be true to yourself.

The creative workshop led by a local artist will look at the different characters that make up our society.


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