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Richardson & Brennan

Roonivoolin Unnamed Road

Richardson & Brennan

We were delighted and privileged to be able to premiere 'Roonivoolin Unnamed Road' on Sunday May 15th at 12:00pm, on the big BIG screen at The Strand Arts Centre in East Belfast.

If you missed it, fear not, scroll down to watch online.

'Roonivoolin Unnamed Road' is a new work by Dawn Richardson and Jonathan Brennan - created on Rathlin Island earlier this year as an improvised document of an artistic gathering.

The first in our series of future rural residencies.

Featuring Barry Cullen, Johanna Leech, Hive Choir and Cathaoir Cassidy.

We also took the opportunity to screen a commission from last year's festival - Colm Lavery's video for Documenta's track 'Silverwood' which features archive footage from the weird and wonderful world of the Spence Brothers.

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