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Rachel Reid McCann

'Gather' playlist

Rachel Reid McCann

Rachel has curated a playlist for the festival under the theme, “Gather”. Expect a selection of music that celebrates the human desire to be close to one another and form networks of support; music that shines light on the spaces that people gravitate to when they need to feel the warmth of community.

Listen here:

A live radio show will be hosted during the festival on 12 May at 11:00am on Dublin Digital Radio. The show will feature a pick of some tracks from the playlist as well as a bit of background for why they were chosen to fit the theme.

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Rachel is a chronic disease epidemiology researcher and radio DJ (see drink more water on Dublin Digital Radio). With previous research concerned with rates of depression and quality of life in NI, she is no stranger to the extent of our mental health crisis and has joined the NIMHAF roster to help create some positive dialogue around this issue.

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