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McAlinden & Willis

The Power of Arts, Advocacy & Activism

McAlinden & Willis

The Power of Arts, Advocacy & Activism on our Mental Health and Well-Being.

A panel discussion hosted by Noelle Mc Alinden and Jennifer Willis.

Belfast Exposed Photography Gallery

12 May 6:00–7.30pm (Panel Discussion followed by Tour)

NIMHAF's theme ‘Gather’ is fitting at this time as we bring you together to explore and reflect on the Power of Arts, Advocacy and Activism on our Mental Health and Well-Being.

Join us in a dedicated panel discussion and tour of ‘Seen to be Heard’, a solo exhibition by Jennifer Willis at Belfast Exposed, hosted by Noelle McAlinden, Jennifer Willis and invited guests from the Arts, Health, Education and Community sectors.

We reflect upon Willis’ purpose and their drive behind the ‘Seen to be Heard’ exhibition which empowers sixteen people living with Secondary Breast Cancer in NI.

The significant power of advocacy and the importance of capturing the patient's voice in research, the insights from their lived experience and in holding our elected representatives and health professionals to account in improving health provision.

We discuss how the artist reflects on the profound impact of her journey; the challenges and the opportunities; identifying time, building trust and capturing their moving images and testimonials; the power of partnership in promoting the evolving ‘Seen to Be Heard’ campaign; and the creation of a dedicated Manifesto presented to the NI Assembly on 16 March.

An opportunity to hear how her solo exhibition has evolved from her passion, purpose and dedicated practice to a new level of documentary photography and advocacy in her personal commitment to ensure those living with Secondary Breast Cancer are both seen and heard.

We discuss how 'Seen to be Heard' is not just an Exhibition but a catalyst for change; how the vision and commitment to ensure the exhibition could be realised in 6 months and made possible with support from so many.

We are indebted to all of our stakeholders and sponsors, to the All Island Cancer Research Network,The Learning Cities Network as we welcome the opportunity to tour the Seen to Be Heard Exhibition with associated seminars across the Island of Ireland.

For Further information on Jennifer Willis and the dedicated Seen to Be Heard Campaign and support us in Touring this solo exhibition by Jennifer Willis visit:

The panel discussion will be followed by a dedicated tour of the exhibition.

Suitable for those over 16 with an interest in Photograpghy, Arts, Advocacy, Culture, Education, Health & Well-being.

Refreshments will be served

Event Free

Seen to Be Heard runs from 28 April–21 May.

NI Mental Health Arts Festival runs until 9–16 May 2022.Admission Free.

For further details on NIMHAF see:

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