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John Macormac

Rule Driven shape version 5

John Macormac

This piece makes my process of drawing visible. Each shape is drawn and a photograph is taken, when the drawing is complete the photos are arranged in sequence in video editing software. A soundtrack of manipulated sounds and percussive elements mirrors the visuals, as each new section is added a new layer of sound is added, building intensity. The process then reverses, visual layers are removed and in turn sonic layers are stripped back until the blank wall reappears and the video falls silent. I deliberately do not appear on camera, the drawing appears to grow then gradually disappears, echoing organic processes in the natural world.


John Macormac lives and works in Belfast. He studied Fine Art, graduating from the University of Ulster with an MFA in 2015 and a BA in 2003. He has exhibited regularly over the years throughout Ireland and internationally. Work spans media, from drawing, sculpture, drum performance to sound collage. His works are held in private and public collections. John is a founding member of Cathedral Studios, (now Cathedral Collective having moved out of their space) and a past co-director of Catalyst Arts. He also plays drums for experimental jazz punk quartet Blue Whale.

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