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Jennifer Willis

Seen to be Heard

Jennifer Willis

Belfast Exposed

28 April– 21 May


‘Seen to be Heard’ is a compelling solo exhibition by Photographer Jennifer Willis consisting of portraits and testimonials honouring sixteen female participants living with the challenges of Secondary Breast Cancer.

This is a powerful and poignant solo exhibition by award-winning photographer Jennifer Willis, bringing together her moving portraits of sixteen inspirational women living with the challenges of life-limiting Secondary Breast Cancer in NI.

This unprecedented exhibition is an artist giving a voice to those in pursuit of equitable Cancer Services and treatment, delivered with compassion, in NI.

The exhibition highlights the pivotal role of the artist in bearing witness to the inequalities of a health system not fit for purpose.

'None of these women are doing it for themselves, they are doing it for the women that are coming after them and it's become much more than just an exhibition because I've spent time with each of these women and they've become friends.'

(Jennifer Willis artist).

For Further information on Jennifer Willis and the dedicated Seen to Be Heard Campaign please visit:


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