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Hannah Loudon & Dr Emma Loudon

Thanks Therapy! Podcast

Hannah Loudon & Dr Emma Loudon

Thanks Therapy! Podcast brings you an informative and light-hearted discussion of all things therapy and mental health. Hosts Hannah Loudon and Dr Emma Loudon want to demystify the world of therapy and counselling, giving their personal and professional takes on what can seem like an intimidating process. Each week they broach a new topic, taking on listener questions on anything from body image and self-esteem to discussions of grief, anxiety, depression, self-expression, and beyond. Expect some singing, bad language, and occasional crying from your hosts, all in the name of radical vulnerability.


Dr Emma Loudon is a psychologist, counsellor and research fellow working with Queen’s University Belfast. She recently completed a PhD in parental mental illness, and has focused much of her work on the wellbeing of children and families. She is a musician and parent of two, and aunt to her co-host Hannah.

Hannah Loudon is an artist and barista in Belfast. She has previously worked in the arts and in women’s charities, and is currently completing her MSc in Psychology at Queen’s University Belfast.

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