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Elspeth Vischer

Spontaneity Moves

Elspeth Vischer

Elspeth Vischer is a filmmaker and writer based in Belfast. Elspeth has been working over the past few years; directing short films, music videos and writing for theatre and has a special interest in work that combines elements of the poetic and surreal. With an interest in the absurd side of the everyday, Elspeth makes work that questions the politics of existence.

Born, Dublin in 1938, Jack’s mother died when he was three weeks old, and Pakenham’s Northern Protestant father moved his children North, changing their names in an effort to protect them from the influence of their Catholic maternal relations.

After living with various relatives, four year old Pakenham joined his brother and sisters in a children’s home at Childhaven, Co Down.

Pakenham’s early expressionist works evolved, with the outbreak of the “Troubles”, into an engaged, ferocious response to communal violence.

Spontaneity Moves is a short documentary featuring renowned artist, Jack Packenham, in conversation. Jack reflects on a range of subjects, including: artist's studio space, his own artistic practice over the years, poetry, and his love of dancing. Gathering experiences, Jack Packenham paints a vivid self-portrait, acknowledging the therapeutic value of his work.

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