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Ambient sound artist DARDIS invites you to get immersed in sound through Hydro, an instrumental meditative album on the theme of water.

Hydro takes the listener on a journey through sound, evoking the feeling of our relationship with water, from the grandeur of the open sea, to isolation tanks and meditation, to the simplicity of a relaxing bath. The sounds have been designed as background noise to help provide distraction and relaxation in an otherwise noisy and disruptive world.

Rather than an online listening launch party for the album, DARDIS invites the listener to come to the album on their own, in their own time: to have a singular, one-on-one experience with the work, wherever they feel comfortable.

The album will be available as a pay-what-you-want download via Bandcamp. Any proceeds from the sale of the album will be donated to Action Mental Health.


DARDIS - Discord And Relative Depressions In Sound - is the noise project of Belfast sound artist, poet and editor Colin Dardis. DARDIS has released over 20 albums and eps, including work from aquietroom, 1tracktape, Default Standard Records and Rancid Idols Productions.

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