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Dan Dowling

In Conversation

Dan Dowling

Dan Dowling RUA in Conversation

Royal Ulster Academy HQ

1 Rosemary Street

May 11th 2022



A special event hosted by Dan Dowling, President of the Royal Ulster Academy.

Enjoy a unique tour of the precious Diploma Collection of the renowned Academicians and esteemed Members of the Royal Ulster Academy.

Hear firsthand about how the Diploma Collection has evolved and explore the stories behind the works, the artistic styles and subject matter, gathered from our distinguished Academicians.

This collection is celebrated as one of the significant Cultural Assets of Northern Ireland's rich Cultural Heritage inspiring many generations of both emerging and established artists across decades, regionally and internationally.


Dan Dowling was born and educated in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He is self taught and has always thought of his art as a journey of self discovery. In his early work, as a sort of catharsis, he made images of his everyday life in his native North Belfast and developed a distinctive figurative and narrative style.

Refreshments served.

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