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Belfast Exposed

Photography Treasure Hunt

Belfast Exposed

14 May 1:30 –5:30pm.


This fun photography workshop will bring people together capturing Belfast’s rich architectural heritage in the Cathedral Quarter.

The workshop will enable people to connect with each other, be active through a gentle walk around the Cathedral Quarter, learn new photography skills as we go, taking notice of all as we focus on our photography and enable people to share with others, all providing a positive activity to improve our mental health.

A Belfast Exposed facilitator will guide participants and assist with fun cryptic clues. Areas of interest will include Belfast First Hospital and the rich linen building history and the entries and allies of Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter.

Participants will have the opportunity to photograph buildings, gaining skills and knowledge of how to capture Belfast’s history and its rich built heritage professionally.

Belfast Exposed will supply tea and coffee upon arrival, followed by a refresh after the Photography Treasure Hunt for us all to have time to relax and review our images.

There will be a fun prize for the winning photograph.

No booking required.

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