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Anna Donovan


Anna Donovan

From the moment we are born the influence of family, even those deceased will have some level of impact on us.

We all come with ‘Baggage’ sometimes we can see even feel it, but very often we are unaware of its existence and how it affects us.

This collection of work specially commissioned by NI Mental Health Arts Festival is an exploration and attempt to illustrate our ‘Baggage’. Should we embrace and accept the ‘Baggage’?.

All the influences from family, friends, society, and the consequences of our own actions create many layers, and together these layers go some way to making up much of who we are.

The work will be shown in The Drying room Gallery at The Conway Mill Throughout the festival.

Join Anna on Sat 14 2pm at The Drying Room Gallery to discuss her work


Ballymoney born artist, Anna Donovan graduated with a BA Hons in 3D Design (Ceramics) from University of Wales Institute, Cardiff in 1995, returning to Northern Ireland in 1999 she worked ten years full-time as a prop maker and scenic painter.

2010 saw Anna return to her artist studio practice taking on a studio in Conway Mill, Belfast.

In 2017 she began focusing on making ceramics sculpture, which continues to be influenced by her time working in theatre.

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