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Ruth Crothers

The distance might as well be from here to Mars

Ruth Crothers

According to Ruth: 'This piece is called The distance might as well be from here to Mars. The title comes from an extract of a personal journal written when experiencing recurring mental health issues during the winter lockdown. The blue dot top centre is Earth.'


My name is Ruth and I create hand-painted artworks for illustrations and textile designs. I am obsessed with colour and pattern. You can find more of my work via my Instagram account:

Some of my thoughts on colour:

Colour brings joy to our existence.

It brightens our lives and can inspire us to live the life we want to lead.

It exists everywhere, even in the darkest of places. There is always colour. It may be different but it’s still there, surprising, real and true.

This must be cherished and will provide us with hope in spite of the darkness. The earth will spin, the sun will rise and spring will swap snow for leaves.

You are valuable.

You are enough.

You have a voice.

And you are seen.

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