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Connie McGrath

Kitchen Cupboard Make-Up FX Workshop

Connie McGrath

Join expert special FX make-up artist Connie McGrath for a live session via Zoom at 15:00 on Friday 14 May. 

To sign up and recieve a Zoom invitation to the workshop, email 

For further information, vist visit:

Kitchen Cupboard Makeup Fx Workshop: Maggot Infested Wounds

The ingredients you'll need: 

For the wound:

1. Vaseline

2. Flour

3. Foundation to match wound to skin tone

4. Butter knife/spatula for mixing/blending edges of prosthetic

5. Porridge oats for flaky skin (optional)

6. Mirror

7. Note pad and pen

For the fake blood:

1. Golden Syrup

2. Food colouring: red, (blue & green optional)

3. Drinking chocolate powder

4. Banana

5. Fork to mash

6. Bowl

7. Toothbrush

8. Spoon to mix

For the bruises:

1. Eyeshadow (range of colours)

2. or the Kryolan Bruise wheel

For the Maggots:

1. Rice (white or brown)

2. Fine point black felt tip marker


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