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Cheryl Bleakley

The Clearing

Cheryl Bleakley

The Clearing (2019) is a short dance film produced by the Northern Ireland Institute of Human Relations’ Psychoanalytic Art Project, a creative collaboration between art,  psychoanalytic psychotherapy, dance movement therapy, and music therapy. Inspired by Donald Kalsched’s wonderfully vivid re-description and elaboration of Donald Winnicott’s concept of true and false self responses to trauma, the film illustrates the creative potential for a sensitive clinical engagement to transform an isolated internal prison into a therapeutic clearing - in which reflection, mutual aliveness, growth, and movement are possible.


Cheryl Bleakley is an ICP-, and UKCP-registered psychoanalytic psychotherapist. The Vice-Chair      of the Northern Ireland Institute of Human Relations, Cheryl is also a professional artist, and the creative lead behind the Institute's psychoanalytically-informed Art Project. Cheryl’s paintings and      conceptual artwork have featured in both solo and group exhibitions, and secured her residencies in Berlin and New York.

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